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Dairy Tech Leader Walt Cooley Announced as Keynote Speaker for the Amelicor Herd & Feed Management Conference

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The Amelicor Herd & Feed Management Conference, an annual event that draws professionals and experts from across the dairy industry, is pleased to announce Walt Cooley as a keynote speaker. The conference is scheduled for October 25-26, 2023 at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas.

Cooley, a prominent figure in the dairy industry, brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of dairy technology. With a solid agricultural background and a drive for innovation, Cooley's insights will undoubtedly be a highlight of the conference.

Cooley got his start in agriculture at a young age working on his grandfather’s dairy farm in Utah. He progressed from moving sprinkler pipes and stacking hay to becoming the Vice President of Publishing for Progressive Publishing and the Editor-in-Chief of Progressive Dairy for 16 years. These experiences have solidified his position as a thought leader in the sector.

Continuing his exploration of technology's impact on the dairy industry, Cooley founded The Cow Tech Report, a newsletter dedicated to covering emerging technologies for cows. A committed learner and futurist, he is renowned for his passion for technology and its application to farms and livestock. His keynote address at the conference will revolve around this theme, providing attendees with enlightening perspectives on integrating technology into dairy practices.

The Amelicor Herd & Feed Management Conference is a key event for those working in dairy farming, beef feedlots, field harvesting, and related industries. The conference provides a platform for thought leaders like Cooley to share insights and engage in meaningful discussions on the industry's future.

Amelicor, the conference's sponsor, specializes in dairy farm management software, extending its expertise to other agricultural businesses. Their dynamic suite of products includes EZfeed feed management, DHI-Plus herd management, and EZweights commodity tracking software, alongside being an official QCS-certified dairy record processing center.

Their systems offer solutions that simplify complex farm operations, enhance efficiency, and provide real-time data to improve decision-making. These tools support the modernization of farming practices, and the integration of technology in these sectors is a prime topic for the conference.

As the industry evolves, conversations led by visionaries like Walt Cooley are vital. Attendees at the conference can look forward to gaining valuable knowledge from his experiences and insights into the future of dairy technology. The opportunity to network with industry peers and experts will undoubtedly make the Amelicor Herd & Feed Management Conference a can't-miss event for anyone invested in the future of farming and livestock management.

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