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The Amelicor Herd and Feed Software System for Modern Dairies

At Amelicor we are passionate about herd and feed management. The following sections will guide you through an overview of our software and services—and provide links to information for further study.

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Technology that works for you so you can manage your profits.

Watch a video about how TLK Dairy uses the Amelicor Software System:

The Software System

A System for Managing Your Dairy

Herd Management with Amelicor

DHI-Plus software helps bring clarity for a manager by focusing on the cows that need attention.

Here are a few resources on our website to help you understand what herd management looks like with the aid of DHI-Plus software:

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A System for Managing Your Feed

Feed Management with Amelicor

EZfeed software will help you feed your dairy cattle accurately and help you see problems with feed expenses.

Here are a few resources on our website so you can see EZfeed feed management in action:

A System for Managing Your Commodities

Commodity Management with Amelicor

With EZweights software you can easily weigh anything.

  • Your office staff will appreciate the complete tracking for harvests
  • A simple touchscreen guides truck drivers through deliveries
  • You can track and analyze deliveries and shipments
  • EZweights software will integrate with EZfeed software for powerful inventory tracking

A System for Processing Your Dairy Records

Records Processing wlth Amelicor
Amelicor Records Processing

Since 1954, Amelicor has been processing thousands of dairy herd records.

We are a QCS Certified Dairy Records Processing Center.

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