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Amelicor Legal Information

The information provided here is for Amelicor users regarding our terms and policies. If you have any questions please contact us at

DHI Computing Service, Inc. Sales Order Terms and Conditions

License Agreements

Ultimate Service Program Terms of Use

The Ultimate Service Program is designed as a preventative maintenance and training support program to help our customers perform at the highest levels. We understand that the relationship between company and client is imperative to the success of both entities and the Ultimate program is designed so that we can enable you to do your job better.

Although the program itself is customized to meet the needs of the individual dairy, the generic terms and conditions are available below.

Privacy Policy

Amelicor is committed to protecting our client's privacy and protecting sensitive information.

Herd Record Release

The ongoing genetic evaluations performed for the dairy industry by the Council of Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) in collaboration with Dairy Herd Improvement organizations and the USDA provide valuable information to you as you make sire selection and other breeding decisions for your herd.

You can participate in some new initiatives related to Calf Livability and Health Traits that will enhance the genetic and genomic evaluation information available on breeding sires. The new information can also be available on your individual cows and heifers. You can participate by doing the following:

  • Record Calf Livability along with Calving Ease information
  • Record health events for Mastitis, Milk Fever, Retained Placenta, Displaced Abomasum, Ketosis, and Metritis
  • Recording all of the breedings on your animals
  • Complete and return the Amelicor Dairy Herd Record Release form to indicate which data you authorize Amelicor to submit to the CDCB.

By participating, you may qualify for a discount on genomic testing and/or breed registration fees as well.

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