We help you feed dairy cattle accurately

Our software guides you to see feed expenses that cause problems. You can understand the accuracy of employees and feed rations. Be confident in making better decisions to increase milk quality and quantity for your dairy.

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You shouldn’t have to worry about everything on your own
  • Hidden problems such as knowing if a feeder is using too much or too little of an ingredient wears away at the success of the business.
  • Not understanding how to repeat successes.
  • Less organization actually takes more time. You are busy, why not simplify your life?
  • Without a specific plan based on information, you can’t quickly adapt to market changes.

We get it, feed is expensive.

Uncontrolled feed costs can make your business feel out of control.

We see it everyday:

  • 50 - 60% of expenses go towards feed
  • If you know the problem, you’ll know how to fix it
  • Feeders need feedback in order to improve
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"What a powerful tool for monitoring feed performance! My new feeder had some real problems with accuracy. By using his accuracy report to show him where he needed improvement, he moved his error percentage from 6% to 2%. That is the difference between acidosis and good cow health."

Pete Olsen, Hillside Dairy

Introducing The EZfeed System, Your Personal Cloud

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EZfeed Mobile

The EZfeed Mobile service gives you the freedom to use EZfeed on the go. It gives you vital real-time feed information on any device wherever you have internet access. With EZfeed Mobile service you can get real-time feed data and it gives you the power to change certain critical data including:

  • Ingredient inventories.
  • Ingredient dry matters.
  • Pen counts, bunk calls, and target feed amounts.

EZfeed Software on a Tablet

EZfeed paired with a rugged tablet is the ultimate productivity tool for feeders. With a large easy to see display and a version of EZfeed that has been built from the ground up - you'll notice a boost in performance.

  • WiFi enabled—no more radios - you can use easy to install, cost-effective equipment to synchronize data.
  • Wifi updates—no need to remove the device from the tractor - updates are transferred automatically and installed when it is convenient for you.
  • Performance feedback—feeders can immediately evaluate their performance after every load.


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EZfeed Tablet

How To Get Started With The EZfeed System



We seek to understand your unique feed process and challenges.


Custom Quote

Based on your needs, we provide a custom quote for the software and hardware you need.



An Amelicor representative visits your farm to take care of the installation.


Training & Success

We train your staff so that they are comfortable with the new software.

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Feed Center Efficiency
Bunk Management
Manage Cattle Feed Inventory
Reduce Feed Shrink
Optimize Milk Production Through Feeding
Solve Real Feed Management Problems

Feed Center Efficiency

The feed center is the source of the dairy's largest expense. Managing is correctly will give you the fastest and largest returns. Besides design and layout of the actual commodity area, monitoring what goes on consistently and accurately will have a direct impact on your profits. There are many critical variables to monitor in the feed center:

  • Understand your Load times. (start to finish)
  • Track the performance of your feeders. (How accurate and consistent are they? How efficient is loading and unloading? Is the delivery to the pens timely? Are the mixing times consistent?)
  • Evaluating the delivered ration. (Is it mixed correctly?)
  • Monitoring feed inventory and feed shrink.

Learn More About Feed Center Design


Bunk Management

Bunk management is simply matching the amount of feed delivered to the amount of feed cattle can handle. For many, this is a gut feeling system and becomes more of an art than a science. Although the art of bunk management takes experience, using technology can reduce and simplify the need for experience.

  • Use accurate previous intakes to make predictions for the future by recording refusal, weather patterns, and appetite adjustments.
  • Adjustments are tracked on a per pen basis.
  • Previous day targets are validated (to account for incomplete data).
  • Creates consistency and accountability for feeders.

Read about The Art of Bunk Management


Manage Cattle Feed Inventory

Starting inventories, supplies on hand, accurate premixes, refusal—all things that can be accurately measured and therefore managed. By making it easy to input (and even automate) ingredient tracking, real feed problems can be addressed head on.

  • Accurate starting inventory and monitoring inventory received.
  • Track feed decisions and changes made by who, when, where and amount.
  • Set ingredient reorder points and automatically flag the ingredient.
  • Evaluate and customize more than 100 standard reports and graphs.

Reduce Feed Shrink

Shrink is any loss of value in your feed inventory. Do you know where and how your operation is managing shrink? Because feed is your largest expense managing shrink can dramatically increase your profits. By tracking several variables you can take advantage of needless losses.

  • Weigh ingredients at purchase for accurate starting inventories
  • Understand where shrink occurs by evaluating losses.
  • Know the habits of feeders such as travel speeds and overfilling mixers.
  • Keep accurate pen counts and intake measurements to reduce refusal.
  • Profile bunks for optimal feeding schedules.

Do you know what your "shrink" is?


Optimize Milk Production Through Feeding

Starting inventories, supplies on hand, accurate premixes, refusal—all things that can be accurately measured and therefore managed. By making it easy to input (and even automate) ingredient tracking, real feed problems can be addressed head on.

  • Set up an unlimited number of ingredients, pens, rations, premixes, feedings, mixers, or users.
  • Track milk production and components by tank, pen, or pen groups.
  • Understand your break-even milk price.
  • Monitor milk production versus feed costs.
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Solve Real Feed Management Problems

EZfeed software is the only feed management tool on the market that directly targets real feed management problems. Consistency results in an efficient feed operation and better cow health, while providing accountability for feeders.

  • Create pre-defined loads which can be organized by location, mixer, and feeder.
  • Establish highly accurate rations as the application displays exact ingredients on the scale indicator.
  • Provide accurate bunk adjustments.
  • Mixing pauses can be controlled for maintaining ration consistency.

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