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Dairy Nutrition Software

Feed Software Helps You Immediately Save Money on Dairy Cow Expenses

See how we do it.


Feed software answers the questions:

  1. Are my cow rations being accurately created by my feeders?
  2. Are the rations being fed to my cows in an even and consistent manner?

EZfeed gives you and your feeders the data to know how to increase accuracy. This alone will save hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars daily in feed expenses.

How Much Are Feeding Errors Costing You Every Day?

Most of your employees don’t understand how inaccurate feeding can affect your dairy business when 50-60% of expenses go toward feed.

EZfeed dairy nutrition software gives you and your feeders the data to see exactly how accurately the rations are made and how accurately your cows are fed. This gives everyone the knowledge of how to increase accuracy.

Know What Happens At Work Even When You Are Away

Our customers can enjoy their evenings and don’t struggle with invisible problems that wear away at their business.

Simplify Feeding

New employees will be easier to train, saving you time, and you and your employees will easily see how accurate the rations are.

Spotlight Invisible Problems

Everyone has problems that aren’t easily seen, EZfeed can bring those problems to light which will help you find many solutions for feed optimization.

Enable Your Feeders

Give your feeders the tools and data they need to create the TMR created by your nutritionist and feed it accurately to your cows - it's the ultimate cattle nutrition software.

Make Decisions Based On Data

Confirm your intuition with data or test new ideas with this management software - and be more confident in your decisions.

Take Advantage of New Technology

EZfeed ration formulation software pays for itself quickly with savings on wasted feed and inaccurate rations.

Highlight Training Opportunities

Easily understand specific training topics on cattle feeding that you can teach the employees you manage.

We get it... feed is expensive.

Unmanaged feed costs and out-of-wack nutrition requirements can make your business feel out of control.

Join Thousands of Our Clients

Feeding 8 Million Animals Daily

Used on 6 Continents

Tracking 500 Million Pounds of Feed

  • Feeding 5 Million Animals Daily
  • Used on 6 Continents
  • Tracking 100 Million Pounds of Feed

"What a powerful tool for monitoring feed performance! My new feeder had some real problems with accuracy. By using his accuracy report to show him where he needed improvement, he moved his error percentage from 6% to 2%. That is the difference between acidosis and good cow health."

Pete Olsen, Hillside Dairy

How To Get Started With EZfeed Software


Tell us about your equipment and feeding process

Schedule a call and we’ll talk about how your existing equipment can be used with EZfeed.


Let us put together a quote

Understandably, everybody wants to know how much EZfeed costs – the information from the call will help us give you an exact quote.


Begin saving on your feed expenses

We’ll help train your feeders and get EZfeed set up on your farm so you can begin tracking everything.

We have this experience many times each year… a potential customer tells us it’s just too expensive and they decide to wait to install the system.

Months go by and sometimes years, and they come back frustrated with their feed management process. They decide to install EZfeed feed formulation software… and within weeks, they come back and tell us they should have done it a long time ago. Usually, they also tell us how they are saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars a day (depending on the farm size), and it’s not too long before they tell us EZfeed has paid for itself!

So, schedule a call today and stop worrying about how the dairy and beef cows are being fed while you’re away, and start looking at the data to see how your feed nutrition requirements can improve.

The EZfeed System
Your Personal Animal Feeding Data Cloud


EZfeed software is a feed management and cow ration formulation tool. On a basic level, it helps you optimize your animal feed operation. EZfeed does this by helping owners and managers track feed inventory and rations. Then it provides feeders with a highly accurate and simple way to build and deliver those rations to each pen.


EZfeed has three main parts:

  • The desktop software—is where all the data is stored. Add your ingredients and rations, and use reports to evaluate feeder performance and analyze feed data.
  • The tablet software—is installed on mobile devices in your tractors and mixers so your feeders know how to create the rations and how much to feed to each animal pen.
  • The mobile data—is your cloud data that gets pulled from the desktop software. See it on your phone or another computer to get critical reports about your feed process, or make changes remotely.


EZfeed desktop software
Core Software

EZfeed Desktop Software

EZfeed Desktop is where the core information is entered into the software. You simply enter your ingredients, rations, and pens, and that information is transferred to the tablet software so you are ready to feed.

EZfeed software resolves these basic feed management problems:

  • Feed Consistency
  • Feeding Performance Feedback
  • Inventory Management
  • Historical Data Management
Don't let data loss disrupt your operation.

EZfeed Cloud Sync Service

Picture this: a sudden computer crash or a ransomware attack. All your EZfeed data—gone in an instant. Imagine the chaos that follows. How would it affect your daily feed operations? How accurately could you feed your animals? Think about the time and effort it would take to rebuild your Ingredient list, Rations, and Loads from scratch. And what about your invaluable feeding records from the past weeks?

We understand these concerns. That’s why we have created and included the EZfeed Cloud Sync service in our EZfeed system. It provides an automated, robust, offsite cloud backup for your critical EZfeed data.

When Mountain View Dairy’s EZfeed computer crashed, years of crucial feeding data were at risk. Thanks to their use of EZfeed Cloud Sync, we swiftly restored their entire database on a new machine. This rapid response prevented operational chaos and preserved invaluable historical data.

Thank goodness for the cloud because it surely saved us a lot of trouble and chaos.

—Kelly Wright, Mountain View Dairy


Advanced Uses of EZfeed

Integrating EZfeed software with batching and automation systems creates efficiency upon efficiency.

Because EZfeed software is flexible, it can be adapted to all kinds of custom systems including:

  • Cow-calf batch systems
  • Batch boxes and stationary mixers
  • Fully automated external batching systems

Also, EZfeed management tools include a practical feature called feeding scenarios which allows you to prepare for an irregular supply of ingredients in advance. It's a ration feed library ready for you to use in instances where a feed supplier is not very dependable. You can have alternate rations setup that can be accessed immediately if you run out of an ingredient.

EZfeed Tablet Software
EZfeed Tablet Software
Feeder Software

EZfeed Tablet Software

EZfeed paired with a rugged tablet is the ultimate productivity tool for feeders. With a large easy-to-see display and a version of EZfeed that has been built to be out on the farm and user-friendly, you'll discover more ways to be efficient.

EZfeed mobile on a phone
Mobile Software

EZfeed Mobile

The EZfeed Mobile service gives you the freedom to use EZfeed on the go. It gives you vital real-time feed information on any device wherever you have internet access. With EZfeed Mobile service you can get real-time feed data and it gives you the power to change certain critical data including:

  • Ingredient Inventory
  • Ingredient Dry Matter
  • Pen Counts, Bunk Calls, and Target Feed Amounts
EZfeed mobile on a phone

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