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Let EZfeed Guide You


EZfeed Tablet Software

The EZfeed tablet software was designed to adapt to any screen size and be highly visible. EZfeed helps guide your feeders in creating the perfect TMR and unloading the right amount in front of each pen.

The tablet software also helps you track what actually was loaded and fed - for the feedback you need to improve. It is the perfect productivity tool for feeders!

Here are some articles about how EZfeed tablet software helps:

Trusted by customers worldwide

No More Under or Over Feeding

"Our EZfeed Nomad computer which served us well for many years needed to be replaced. We upgraded to the EZfeed tablet computer system which also includes automatic WiFi syncing. With more accurate pen counts we aren’t under or over-feeding the cows because the pen counts are automatically updated. Since we needed to replace the Nomad, this was the right move. I believe the tablet upgrade has paid for itself in under two months."

Edstrom Family
Steve Edstrom
Sugar Hill Dairy - Kersey, CO

Faster and Much Easier to Read

"Our feeders enjoy the faster speed and especially the much larger screen and buttons on the tablets. It is a lot easier for them to see and read the information and to select the loads and pens. The feeders can navigate through the EZfeed program faster on the tablet rather than taking time to pick up and use a stylus on the nomad."

Bateman Dairy
Bateman Dairy

More Efficient and Increased Productivity

"We purchased an EZfeed tablet computer for a new dairy we recently purchased. Since installing the software our feeders have been more efficient and have increased their productivity. This system has also helped us track feed usage and costs, which makes our operation more sustainable and viable."

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Feeding with EZfeed on a tablet is a guided process

Feeding with EZfeed can be a simple guided process we call scripted loads. This type of load guides your feeders through the ingredient list and can even include pauses for mixing.

The software can also be flexible and adaptable which we call flex loads. This allows an expert feeder to adapt to any situation on the farm. This way everything that happens is tracked and can be evaluated in the future.

Watch a video that demonstrates scripted and flex loads:


MobileDemand Tablet

EZfeed on a Tablet

EZfeed paired with a rugged tablet is the ultimate productivity tool for feeders. With a large easy-to-see display and a version of EZfeed that has been built to be out on the farm, you'll discover more ways to be efficient.

  • Simplified Application : Each screen shows information relative to the task and feeders quickly adapt to the system.
  • Performance Feedback: The application displays feedback reports after each load so feeders can evaluate their performance and make improvements.
  • Data Reliability: Syncing of data to office computer is more reliable than ever.
  • Flexible: There are many features that allow the software to adapt to your operation. This includes mid-loading transfers, handling for batch box setups, and adding ingredients in multiple locations.
  • Solution Oriented: Enhanced resume load and recover load features make the feeding process easier to handle when you experience a delay or problem with your equipment or feed.
The EZfeed edition Mesa 3 tablet

Designed to work with rugged devices

You can pick your own device with industrial-grade protection against water, humidity, sand and dust, vibration, shock, and temperature.

For the MobileDemand and Juniper Systems tablets, we've even worked out a warranty that includes accident protection.

The EZfeed edition Mesa 3 tablet

Ready to upgrade?

If you are ready to talk about your options, send us a message and we'll be in touch.

Preparing for an Upgrade

If it's time to replace your old handheld computers, the tablet system is the current replacement option and is being used very successfully on dairy locations in the US and internationally.

Do I need WiFi on my farm to use the tablets?

WiFi allows feeder activity and feed changes to sync continuously with the office desktop computer and is very reliable.

This doesn't mean you need full WiFi coverage, but there is a need for reliable access points around the farm.

If the tablet goes out of WiFi range, the wireless syncing will stop until the tablet is back in range of the signal again.

To maintain a reliable signal, we recommend the following:

  • Good WiFi coverage in the area(s) where the mixer(s) will be loaded. This way the data can be synced while the feed is being loaded.
  • If you have multiple loading areas, additional access points are recommended to provide coverage while loading in those areas as well.
Who supports my WiFi network?

When equipment is down a quick response time is needed. Because of this, we recommend you have on-site support.

You can consult your IT person or your local internet provider/IT company for the best configurations for your operation.

We can provide WiFi routers and tablet internet access requirements upon request.

What are the costs to upgrade to the tablet software?

We believe, and customers have confirmed, that the benefits and improved performance of the tablet software, provide a significant return on investment.

This, of course, comes at a higher price... but mainly depends on your choice of hardware. We have recommended tablets that are built ultra-tough for unwavering reliability.

  • There is a simplified setup so that there are fewer external parts to maintain.
  • For certain tablets, we have negotiated a 3-year manufacturer warranty that even includes accidental damage.
  • The software has an enhanced layout and feeder interface to take advantage of the tablet's capabilities. This means feeders can be more productive.

Please contact your EZfeed representative or fill out the form above to get specific pricing details customized for your situation.