Easily Weigh Anything

EZweights will simplify weighing your harvest, outside deliveries, and your own shipments. You take control of tracking anything you can weigh by providing a simple touchscreen experience for truck drivers and a powerful reporting system for your office.

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Introducing The EZweights System

EZweights Takes the Headache Out of Deliveries and Harvest

Use a heavy-duty kiosk to allow drivers to simply check-in and check-out when delivering commodities. Or you can run the software from a scale-house or the office to monitor deliveries.

To simplify harvest:

  • Keep the harvest moving from the field to the storage area.
  • Customizable preferences allow you to take lightweights on a schedule you choose, so drivers can keep delivering the harvest without stopping to check-out.
  • Fully track each harvest and easily calculate yield and corrected dry matter values.
Harvest with EZweights

Keep Commodity Deliveries and Shipments Accurate

  • Intuitive simple mode to guide drivers through delivery.
  • Associate certain commodities with specific locations on the farm so they get delivered to the right place.
  • Allow drivers to select between English and Spanish instructions for clarity.
  • Easily track and summarize deliveries and shipments alongside information like the broker, contract, hauler, etc.
  • Know exactly how much of a commodity was delivered and compare that with the contract.

Keep Your Operation Secure

  • Keep track of what trucks and drivers are coming on and off the farm.
  • Keep track of what time a truck weighs in and when it weighs out.
  • User and Administrative access to the back office settings and reports.

Integrate Commodities with EZfeed or Track Them Alone in EZweights

If you use EZfeed, the two systems work together seamlessly so that you can keep your inventory accurate.

  • Transfer ingredients between EZfeed and EZweights and keep track of inventory and costs.
  • Commodities such as manure or sand that you don’t want to track in EZfeed can be tracked using EZweights alone.

How To Get Started With EZweights



Help us understand how EZweights will be used on your operation. You will need to add a platform scale system or use an existing one.


Custom Quote

Based on your needs, we will provide a quote for the software and hardware you need. For example, you can add an EZweights kiosk for unattended access or run the software on a computer in a scale-house.



An Amelicor representative will visit your farm and help integrate EZweights with your scale platform.


Training & Success

We train your staff so you can add commodities in EZweights and all the related details. You will then be ready to track and analyze the results and know exactly what is happening with your commodities.

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