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Amelicor Caps Off Keynote Speaker Announcements with Educationalist Lisa Muirbrook

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The roster for the 2023 Amelicor Herd & Feed Management Conference is now complete with the unveiling of Lisa Muirbrook as its final keynote speaker, setting the stage for an enlightening two days in Las Vegas. Amelicor, at the forefront of farm management software innovation, continues its tradition of spotlighting leaders to inspire its audience. The event promises a confluence of groundbreaking product showcases and thought leadership for the dairy industry.

Lisa's inclusion as a keynote speaker might come as a surprise to some given her background in education. However, her skills in administration and her acumen in "Relentless: One More Time" strategies, which focus on navigating challenges with resilience, are expected to bring fresh insights into farm management. Lisa's perspective on the parallels between educational administration and farm management, particularly in terms of leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving, promises to be enlightening.

The 2023 conference aims to delve into the latest trends in agricultural tech and how businesses can fully harness the capabilities of Amelicor's software tools suite. With Lisa Muirbrook as a highlight, those in attendance are assured of a memorable experience that offers both inspiration and actionable knowledge.

For more details about Lisa and to ensure your seat among a community of forward-thinkers and industry leaders, visit Amelicor's official conference website to register.

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