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Elevating Dairy Precision: Amelicor Unveils DHI-Plus Edge at World Dairy Expo 2023

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Amelicor Leads the Dairy Dynasty with Revolutionary Farm Management Solutions and Pioneering Mobile Technology.

Amid the vibrant panorama of the 2023 World Dairy Expo, Amelicor, an industry leader in farm management software, unveils a pioneering innovation, the DHI-Plus Edge, reinforcing the theme of this year’s Expo, “Dynasty in Dairy.” The Expo, held in Madison, is a global hub where over 650 leading companies, elite dairy producers, and industry experts converge to exchange ideas, knowledge, and to witness the cutting edge of dairy technology.

Amelicor has been a trailblazer in providing groundbreaking tools for dairy farms, feed lots, and field harvesting businesses. With flagship products such as EZfeed feed management software, DHI-Plus herd management software, Dairy Records Processing, and EZweights commodity tracking software, Amelicor supports the cause of streamlined processes and efficiency in the dairy industry.

Introducing DHI-Plus Edge:

Amelicor’s latest, DHI-Plus Edge, is a mobile extension of the DHI-Plus software and is built on the foundational promise of Edge computing technology. This innovative app magnifies the capabilities of DHI-Plus software by providing immediate access to critical cow data right in the user's pocket, allowing dairy professionals to monitor, analyze, and respond with unprecedented precision and immediacy.

“With DHI-Plus Edge, users can wirelessly sync cow data from desktops to phones or rugged devices. The integral connection to Bluetooth RFID readers means that cow records can be pulled up in the field by scanning the cow’s RFID tag,” explains Ladd Muirbrook, an Amelicor representative. Whether it's confirming a cow's pregnancy status or recording a critical treatment, DHI-Plus Edge ensures that every detail is captured seamlessly. Furthermore, thanks to its user-friendly design, the app immediately displays a withholding period if a cow receives medication that affects its milk or meat, helping to ensure food safety. DHI-Plus continues to empower farmers to monitor their operations, analyze, and respond with precision.

Premiering at the Expo:

Although the full reveal of DHI-Plus Edge is reserved for the upcoming Amelicor Herd & Feed Management Conference in October, attendees at the World Dairy Expo are experiencing exclusive demonstrations of this game-changing product, which is already in beta use at many of our customer’s dairies.

Amelicor is a pioneer in farm management software, providing innovative tools for dairy farms, feed lots, and field harvesting businesses. With four key products: EZfeed feed management, DHI-Plus herd management, Dairy Records Processing, and EZweights commodity tracking, Amelicor empowers users to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and ultimately, save money and optimize productivity.

For years, Amelicor’s suite of products has empowered users to optimize productivity and save money, driving the evolution of the dairy farming industry. The introduction of DHI-Plus Edge is a testament to Amelicor’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in dairy farm management.

Amelicor is privileged to be part of the largest dairy-focused trade show in the world. We are excited to contribute to shaping the future of dairy, combining traditional values with modern, cutting-edge advancements for a sustainable and prosperous future.

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