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DHI-Plus Edge: Unveiling the Future of Dairy Management at the Herd Conference

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At Amelicor, we've always believed that while advancements and technology drive us forward, at the heart of it all, it's about the animals our customers care for each day. Our annual Herd & Feed Management Conference isn't just another event on the calendar—it's a testament to our commitment to a constantly evolving dairy industry.

This year, in our unwavering quest to bridge the communication gap between continual software innovations and the everyday challenges of dairy farming, we're thrilled to introduce something special—a new mobile app. And while we're eager to delve into every intricate detail, we promise to leave you with just enough to stoke your curiosity and invite you to experience it firsthand at the conference.

Discovering the Edge in Dairy Management: The DHI-Plus Edge Mobile App

In the ever-evolving world of dairy farming, precision, efficiency, and immediacy aren't just desirable traits—they're indispensable. And it's with this understanding that Amelicor took the capabilities of the DHI-Plus software a step further. Introducing DHI-Plus Edge, a mobile app built on the promise of Edge computing technology.

For years, our DHI-Plus software has been a beacon for effective herd management, ensuring that even as farms scale up, no cow is overlooked. From assisting with vet checks to maintaining hospital treatments and inventories, DHI-Plus has continually empowered farmers to monitor, analyze, and respond with precision.

Imagine having the might of the DHI-Plus software right in your pocket. With DHI-Plus Edge, you can wirelessly sync cow data from your desktop to your phone or rugged device. Out in the field and need to pull up multiple cow records? Simply connect a Bluetooth RFID reader to scan the cow's RFID tag, and voilà—all the information you need at your fingertips. Whether it's confirming a cow's pregnancy status or recording a critical treatment, DHI-Plus Edge ensures that every detail is captured seamlessly. Furthermore, thanks to its user-friendly design, the app immediately displays a withholding period if a cow receives medication that affects its milk or meat, helping to ensure food safety. Once your tasks are done, a wireless sync via the cloud ensures your updates are sent to and processed into the DHI-Plus desktop database.

But while we're excited about the capabilities of DHI-Plus Edge, we truly believe its full potential can only be experienced firsthand. And what better place to dive deep into this innovation than at our annual Amelicor Herd & Feed Management Conference?

The Need for a New App: Bridging a Growing Technological Gap

As technology continuously evolves, even the most robust systems eventually reveal limitations in desired features and functionality. Our Pocket DHI-Plus system has been an extremely useful tool for many years. Our customers have seen great improvements in the accuracy of records and in time spent performing necessary tasks such as shot lists, dry-offs, breedings, and calvings while using that system. But, to ensure the longevity and relevance of DHI-Plus, we needed to innovate.

From our conversations with users, two primary needs emerged. First, they expressed a desire to use their phones in the field, liberating them from the limitations of specialized devices. With their smartphones, they wished to access cow data on the go and make updates in real time. While many users favor the convenience of smartphones, some still desire ruggedness in a device; fortunately, we've identified several suitable device options for them. Second, they longed for a wireless solution.

However, the solution wasn't as straightforward. Many dairies are located in areas with inconsistent cellular and internet signals, making conventional cloud-based systems problematic. Enter Edge computing—a technological solution that held the promise of addressing this very challenge.

Understanding Edge Computing

At its core, Edge computing decentralizes data processing, bringing computation closer to the data source, in this case, the mobile devices on the dairy farm. Instead of relying on a central server or data center, Edge computing processes data on the device itself and on a local office PC. This approach not only minimizes latency but also ensures operations remain unhindered even in areas with weak internet connectivity.

For DHI-Plus Edge, this meant we could store all essential data on the mobile device itself. Dairymen could access and update records without the need for a consistent internet signal. Moreover, Edge computing allowed us to track and manage changes from multiple devices. And, once the device reconnected to a strong WiFi signal, all recorded data would seamlessly sync to the cloud and integrate with the desktop software—ensuring no data loss and maintaining the integrity of the central database.

This was not just an upgrade—it was a complete reinvention, tailored to the unique challenges and needs of the modern dairy industry.

A Sneak Peek into the DHI-Plus Edge Software Functionality

We’re very excited as we gear up to unveil DHI-Plus Edge at the Herd Conference. But for those who just can't wait, here's a sneak peek into what this revolutionary app brings to the table. While a comprehensive breakdown awaits attendees of the DHI-Plus related classes at the conference, here’s a taste of what’s in store:

  1. Integration, The Way Forward:
    Gone are the days of toggling between the specialized functions of Pocket DHI-Plus and the data-display focus of our DHI-Plus mobile app. With DHI-Plus Edge, you get the best of both worlds. Users can now not only view but also enter data, irrespective of their location.
  2. Broadened Device Compatibility:
    Initially releasing on the Android OS, DHI-Plus Edge makes way for users to opt for a variety of devices – from affordable rugged ones to conventional smartphones. And for our Apple aficionados, hang tight! Apple device compatibility is also in the pipeline, ensuring the software bends to meet the preferences of our diverse user base.
  3. Enhanced Display and Usability:
    Say goodbye to squinting. One of the standout features is the enlarged, clear display, allowing more data to be showcased with ease. This not only ensures users can view intricate details at a single glance but also enhances the overall user experience. Combined with streamlined data entry processes, we’re looking at vastly improved efficiency levels.
  4. Increased Performance:
    While the core technology traces back to Pocket DHI-Plus, DHI-Plus Edge—reimagined from the ground up—demonstrates better speeds for a range of functions and tasks. Whether it's scanning with RFID or executing tasks, the process is swift and streamlined, ensuring those managing large herds can do so with increased efficiency. 

Remember, these are just the highlights. The real results lie in the full suite of features and functionalities that DHI-Plus Edge promises to offer. Attend the DHI-Plus related classes at the Herd Conference for a deep dive.

Benefits of Attending the Herd Conference

The Herd Conference is not just another industry event; it's a melting pot of ideas, expertise, and innovation, tailor-made for dairy professionals who thrive on excellence. As we gear up for this year's conference, here's a look at the myriad of benefits awaiting attendees:

  1. Global Networking Opportunity:
    Rub shoulders with dairy experts from across the world. From owners to consultants, and managers to vendors, this conference is the ideal platform for stakeholders from every corner of the dairy industry. Engage in invigorating discussions, build strategic partnerships, and witness firsthand the many ways professionals worldwide are leveraging our suite of software products.
  2. An Arsenal of Information:
    Gone are the days when you could excel by just sticking to your lane. Today, interdisciplinary knowledge is the key to innovation. Our conference is a treasure trove of diverse expertise, from DHI-Plus's advanced functionalities to the intricacies of EZfeed and EZweights. The insights shared here will arm you with the holistic understanding you need to elevate your dairy operations.
  3. Return with Renewed Vigor:
    Every dairy professional knows the grind. The long hours, the repetitive tasks, the challenges that seem insurmountable. But, hearing from a variety of professionals, sharing their success stories, novel strategies, and innovative solutions, will rekindle your passion. You'll return to your dairy not just with actionable insights, but with a renewed sense of motivation.
  4. Personalized Software Consulting:
    Technology is most beneficial when tailored to one's specific needs. Our Amelicor team understands this, which is why they'll be on-site, offering one-on-one software consulting sessions. Whether you're looking for software-specific training or just need some questions answered, our experts are here for you.
  5. Enriching Keynote Sessions:
    Beyond the technical, we delve deep into the humane. With a rich lineup of dairy professionals and an exclusive session on leadership, our keynote addresses promise to be thought-provoking. They aim to not just impart knowledge, but to inspire change and foster leadership qualities in every attendee.
  6. Training Sessions:
    Dive deep into the functionalities of our software suite through dedicated breakout classes. Whether you're a novice looking to grasp the basics or a seasoned user aiming to explore advanced features, these sessions cater to every proficiency level.

In essence, the Herd Conference isn't just an event; it's an experience. It's where challenges meet solutions, where knowledge meets passion, and where professionals meet opportunities.