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How to visit the World Ag Expo 2021

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Attending the World Ag Expo as an exhibitor has always been a great way for me to get current with customers and meet new people to talk about herd management solutions that make running a dairy operation better. This event is always a boost and I learn a great deal about what’s happening in our industry and what’s new.

It’s going to be a virtual World Ag Expo this year so the experience will be much different, and I’ll miss getting my tri-tip sandwich fix but I’ll put some tri-tip on the smoker this week and do my best to replicate the goodness!

Speaking of good food, we all know farmers feed the world and I enjoy working with solutions that help farmers do their work of feeding us all. In a Gallup industry poll, it was concluded for the first time that farming and agriculture ranked #1 with a 69% favorable rating. Now more than ever your efforts are appreciated and needed!

If we were able to meet up at Amelicor booth in Tulare this year, I’d try to take a few minutes to get caught up on how you’re doing. I hope you’re doing well and that you’re successful with your family and work in the dairy industry.

Let me also say this, if you’re struggling and need someone to talk to, please do it. Mental health is something to take seriously. My colleague and good friend Dr. Scott Tripp shared a few thoughts about this in a recent blog.

Offering solutions to make your operation better is what we’re about at Amelicor and a huge part of my job. It is satisfying to see these tools that I’ve worked on with my team make your journey through the dairy industry more successful. Since the Expo is virtual this year and I won’t get the chance to visit with friends and clients in Tulare, I’ll share with you here what’s going on at Amelicor.

Take a look at some of the products and solutions I think can help you be more profitable:

EZweights Commodity Tracking System


Harvest can be an extremely busy time – you need a tool to help you track the harvest loads coming in quickly across the scale. This data can be shared easily to the EZfeed system.

Watch a video to see how EZweights works.


You can also visit our virtual booth for the World Ag Expo… and in the upcoming week look out for a live demonstration link to see EZweights and ask questions.

EZfeed Feed Management System


It could be time for you to upgrade older hardware into the EZfeed Mesa tablet system or it’s time to get the ultimate feed management system started on your operation. The tablet uses Wi-Fi to transfer load and feed data back to the desktop. Use can also use cloud technology with the EZfeed mobile app to adjust pen counts, view or adjust dry matters, or check inventory usage. You can watch a few videos about the EZfeed system on our website:

Get 9 answers to the most common EZfeed questions


You can also visit our virtual booth for the World Ag Expo… and in the upcoming week look out for a live demonstration link to see EZfeed and ask questions.

DHI-Plus Health Counts and Hospital Reports


Enhancements to the DHI-Plus system allow you to easily count the number of Mastitis, Pnuemonia, Lameness and other Health counts that affect the health of your herd. Combined with the powerful Rx-Plus drug tracking tool, these new reports help you get a handle on health treatments. There are 8 new Hospital reports in the DHI-Plus Mobile app that summarize why cows are being treated in the hospital and how long they’ve been there.

Watch a video about the DHI-Plus Health Count Reports




World Ag Expo 2021 Online

Again, you can check out our virtual booth for the World Ag Expo to see additional resources we are providing during the show.

But for now…

I look forward to seeing you at the farm show sometime down the line and getting a good tri-tip sandwich… and maybe some ice cream too!