The EZfeed Tablet

Work Smarter, Improve Performance
EZfeed Tablet
The perfect productivity tool for feeders.

EZfeed software has been redesigned from the ground up and paired with a large tablet computer.
  • Large Display
    • A bright 7" display is easier to see.
    • The text can be scaled (zoomed) for viewing comfort.
  • Improved Touchscreen
    • Can use with gloves or a stylus.
    • Works even in wet conditions
  • Simplified Application
    • Screen views have been consolidated.
    • More information on each screen.
    • Feeders will perform tasks faster and more easily.
  • Performance Feedback
    • The application displays feedback reports after each load.
    • Feeders can evaluate their performance and make improvements.

Ready to upgrade?

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A Solid Combination

The combination of a new tablet and the new software makes the EZfeed system more reliable, easier to use, and convenient.
  • Syncing of data between the mobile device and the office computer is more reliable than ever.
  • There is no need to remove the device from the tractor.
  • Software updates will be pushed out to the device via a Wi-Fi connection and feeders can update when it is convenient (i.e. between loads).
  • Error recovery is greatly improved and in many cases happens automatically without feeder input.
  • There are vast improvements with resuming, transferring, and adding to existing loads.
  • There are many features that weren't available previously including mid-loading transfers, handling for batch box setups, and adding ingredients in multiple locations.

Fast and Rugged

As expected, it all comes in a sleek package with industrial grade protection against water, humidity, sand, dust, vibration, shock, and temperature.
  • IP68 waterproof and dustproof.
  • Operating temperature between -4º and 122º Fahrenheit.
  • Fast processor: Quad-core Intel® Atom™ Z3745.
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi data transfer.
  • Operates with a full Windows Pro 10 operating system.

If that isn't enough, we've worked out a 3-year warranty that includes accident protection (ask us for the specifics).