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Amelicor Welcomes Kaitlyn Heaton: Blending Agribusiness Expertise with Passion

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Amelicor is excited to announce the latest addition to our team, Kaitlyn Heaton, who joined us on January 16th as an Account Manager. Kaitlyn brings a unique blend of real-world agricultural experience and academic prowess in Agribusiness and Marketing from Utah State University to her new role at Amelicor.

Before joining our team, Kaitlyn honed her customer service skills at a counseling center, a role she balanced with her academic endeavors. However, it's her deep-rooted connection to agriculture that sets her apart. Growing up on a family ranch that raised beef cattle and managed farms across Utah, Kaitlyn has been immersed in the beef business from a young age. This upbringing provided her with firsthand experience in the hard work and dedication required in farming and livestock management.

At Amelicor, Kaitlyn is dedicated to assisting farmers with their needs, drawing on her background in agriculture to offer support. Her transition from beef to dairy has been an eye-opening experience, revealing the complexities and the scale of dairy farming compared to what she was accustomed to with beef cattle. This new perspective has not only enriched her understanding of the dairy industry but also highlighted the importance of detailed record-keeping and animal tracking in modern dairy operations.

Beyond her professional commitments, Kaitlyn is deeply involved in her family's farming activities, where she continues to contribute and learn. Her passions extend beyond agriculture; she has embraced photography, capturing the beauty of rural landscapes, and has ventured into laser engraving, a creative outlet that she plans to incorporate into her family's ranch operations by engraving cow ear tags.

Kaitlyn's unique combination of skills and experiences enriches the Amelicor team, enhancing our connection with the agricultural community we serve. Her journey from a family ranch to the forefront of agribusiness solutions embodies the spirit and dedication that Amelicor stands for. Welcome to the team, Kaitlyn!

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