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Amelicor to Showcase Innovative Solutions at Dairy West Annual Meeting

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Amelicor is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Dairy West Annual Meeting on November 8th and 9th. This pivotal gathering of dairy industry professionals is an opportunity for Amelicor to showcase its latest pioneering technology, DHI-Plus Edge, to the attendees at this significant industry event.

Representing dairy farm families in Idaho and Utah, Dairy West plays an instrumental role in promoting dairy products and practices across local, national, and global markets. The organization's unwavering passion for the dairy industry echoes Amelicor's dedication to advancing dairy management through technological innovation.

At the event, Amelicor will host a booth at the trade show, which runs in conjunction with the Dairy West meetings. Visitors will get a firsthand look at how DHI-Plus Edge operates and the benefits it offers. Attendees can also learn about the company's suite of software tools designed to streamline dairy farm operations. From EZfeed feed management to DHI-Plus herd management, and from Dairy Records Processing to EZweights commodity tracking, Amelicor's solutions are crafted to optimize productivity, enhance efficiency, and drive progress in the dairy industry.

The Dairy West Annual Meeting aims to steward dairy farmers' checkoff investment by building trust and demand for dairy products. It is a platform for industry members to unite, share insights, and explore new avenues to face the future of dairy farming together.

"Amelicor is proud to support Dairy West's mission to act with intention and courage in the rapidly evolving dairy industry," said Ladd Muirbrook of Amelicor. "We are looking forward to engaging with the dairy community, discussing ideas, and showcasing how our software solutions can help improve the core of their business."

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