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Amelicor Announces Upcoming Herd & Feed Management Conference

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Amelicor, a leading provider of herd and feed management software, is excited to announce its annual Herd & Feed Management Conference, slated for October 25-26, 2023, at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas. Known for its commitment to the dairy industry, Amelicor's conference promises to be an event that offers growth, learning, and networking opportunities.

"At Amelicor, we understand dairy farming is an industry that's always improving and evolving. We appreciate the daily challenges dairy farmers face, which is why we're organizing this conference for the industry professionals who continuously explore opportunities to enhance their operations," said Ladd Muirbrook, Senior Account Executive at Amelicor.

As industry experts who engage with dairy producers every day, Amelicor recognizes the importance of continuous education and professional development. The conference serves as a platform for quick learning and stimulating future-focused thoughts.

"We understand our clients are continually looking for ways to improve their businesses, to benefit not only their operation but also the people they depend on every day. This conference is one of the best training opportunities we provide," Muirbrook added.

The event will feature keynote speeches from industry leaders, sharing insights on production and productivity, and successful producers, offering peer-to-peer learning opportunities. The aim is to drive innovative growth through thought-provoking content and break traditional patterns.

The conference will also include extensive training sessions to bridge the communication gap that often arises between software updates and day-to-day farming operations. The goal is to ensure every attendee leaves with actionable information to improve their business immediately.

Networking plays a crucial role in the conference. Attendees will get the opportunity to interact with peers, experts, and industry leaders. "Sharing is an essential part of learning and improving. We encourage attendees to participate actively, gather knowledge and bring it back to their teams," said Muirbrook.

Despite the cost of organizing the conference, Amelicor is committed to keeping it affordable for all attendees, which includes negotiating excellent hotel rates and subsidizing ticket prices.

"Believe us when we say, these conferences cost a lot more than the registration money we collect. But we believe it's crucial for everyone in our industry to come together, learn, and grow. Hence, we work hard to make it affordable and valuable," Muirbrook concluded.

For more information and to register for the conference, visit the conference information page on Amelicor's website.


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