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Are You in the Dairy Business to Produce Calves? [Video]

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I often ask the question of our producers, "What are you in the dairy industry to produce?" This is of course a trick question because undoubtedly everything comes down to milk. However, I say we are in the industry to produce calves. Keep reading and I'll explain why in the following video.

If you are interested in data-driven results, you will be interested in key performance indicators (KPIs) - or values that demonstrate how your daily operations are meeting specific business objectives. If producing calves is your objective, you will want to monitor reproduction.

Data-driven results require questions to analyze the data. So start with, "Why is pregnancy rate so important?" and "Why am I in the business to produce calves?"

I hope the following video helps to answer those questions.


Here is a list of questions to work on - do you have the answers?

  • What KPIs do you use to monitor reproduction?
  • How do you calculate your heat detection, conception, and pregnancy rates and what what do they mean?
  • Are those rates trending up or down?
  • Do you know the reason for the changes?
  • What areas of opportunity can you identify because of those trends?