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Dairy Labor Management: Understanding The Why Versus Go and Do

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I had an interesting moment while moving cattle recently. I was working with a 14-year-old who had never worked—or even been around cattle before.

As we worked, I explained what we were going to do—and specifically what I wanted him to do.

This included how to safely move around cattle… because I feel it is always important to explain The Why in anything that I am doing.

However, all he gave me was a blank stare.

My Herd Person called him over at the end of my lesson and simply said, “Do you see the gate up there? Go stand in it.”

And off he went.

It reminded me of something that was said at my Veterinarian School Graduation. I do not remember everything that was said… but I do remember the following advice: “You spent eight years learning big words… forget them and speak at a level that regular folks understand.”

To be effective in communicating, the other person must understand.

In my case… the 14-year-old just needed to go and do.

This post is part 6 of a 8 part series on Dairy Management Labor.
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