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Dairy Labor Management: People, Process, or Tools

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One thing that I’ve had good success with in managing farms is a discussion of people, process, or tools. All problems that occur can fit nicely in one of these buckets.

The important twist on working with people is not to focus on the person, but to focus on the protocol that makes up the process.

Instead of asking, “Why did you not do [the protocol]?” I will ask, “What is wrong with [the protocol]?

Process Changes

Before asking this kind of question, you have buy in on the next step if a change needs to be made.

If a change is needed, then I have the person write up the new protocol and present it to everyone that is involved in that job. This is a bottom up direction, not the top down.

Tool Needs

A lot of time jobs do not get done because of tools. This can range from simple tools like a hand scraper that’s missing to a piece of equipment that’s broken.

Have a discussion with your people on what tool is needed, where it is needed, and how it will increase efficiency.

This bottom up approach not only increased efficiency, but It also shows that you care what your employees are doing and what they need to get the job done.

This post is part 5 of a 8 part series on Dairy Management Labor.
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