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As Dairy Farmers Struggle, Is Feed Management Software a Cash Cow?

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There are around 40,000 dairy farms in the United States -- and most of these have been in business for generations. Low milk prices and labor shortages, however, mean that many dairy farmers have to work long hours for little profit. Is there a solution? Software makes life just that little bit easier for those who work on the dairy. The latest tech draws on your years of experience and helps you make decisions that drive profits.

How Tools Optimize Milk Production

You can relate, you have years of experience and rely on age-old methods that have worked well in the past. However, the latest digital tools help to streamline herd management, from breeding to milk production and still capitalize on your experience. Feed management software, in particular, tracks the biggest cost for every farmer -- animal feed.

Because of years of experience, there's a misconception among some that I talk to that software is an extra expense. Farmers have relied on experience, knowledge, and their hands -- for generations, so investing in new technology seems excessive. This couldn't be further from the truth. Although most producers work within tight budget parameters, incorporating the right program into your business will provide a significant return on your investment. In fact, you can increase milk yields and lower production costs. Good feed management software, for example, will expedite feed production, improve accountability, and will even result in better cow health.

A Typical Situation

I managed a dairy farm for 18 years and now work on the Amelicor customer service team. I tell all my customers that EZfeed will keep track of all of their feedings. The system will track who did what, and what time they did it. The time when you feed your animals is critical, so using software will keep track of everything to the exact second.

I see many of our customers who are struggling, but who aren’t taking advantage of the ability we provide to track their largest expense. Sometimes, when working on a problem with these dairies, I will often ask them how they are keeping track of their feed expenses. Because I have been working in the dairy industry for years, many of our clients I talk to are my friends. Recently, I talked to one friend in particular who expressed that EZfeed is a program that costs money, and he wasn’t in a position to spend that money right now. I explained the thing about EZfeed is that it’s not just a nice-to-have application. Yes, there are a lot of gadgets in the market that would be nice to have, but EZfeed is not just an extra gadget, it is a money making program and is a must-have. There are many reasons that is true, but here are a few:

  • It is going to monitor that 50-60 percent of your income that goes to feed (it will tell you exactly where every pound of feed that you purchase goes).
  • It is going to keep track of your feedings (the feeder drop times, how much was delivered, the deviation on the overall load and how much money those deviations are costing you).
  • It will discipline your feeders so that they are able to perform to the best of their ability.
  • It will keep track of your feed inventory and notify you when you need to order more.

The Benefits of Feed Management Software for Dairy Farmers

Feed management software automates many of the tasks associated with feeding cattle -- inventory control, loading and unloading, feeder tracking, you name it. Use this software with the right herd management system and you could optimize dairy records processing and streamline your entire milk production. These programs collect all kinds of data -- dairy records, load times, farming trends, historical milk yields, and more. As a result, you can make smarter choices and access valuable insights into your production processes.

The beauty about EZfeed software, is that it will discipline the feeders so there's more accountability. It will keep track of your inventories, costs, and contracts. You have control over your feed and the money you have invested in your feed.

Sure, these programs require an initial investment, but they could make all the difference when you are trying to be profitable. You need to incorporate the latest technology into your business model in order to thrive and compete.

A lot of farmers get into a habit of doing the same thing they've always done, but now they are forced to modernize because the way they did things in the past is no longer an option. The reality is they have no idea where over 50 percent of their income is going.

The latest feed management software and other digital tools will automate manual tasks, track feed records, identify trends, and help you scale profits across your dairy.

EZfeed provides farmers with an all-in-one feed management system that facilitates better milk production, reproduction, and better animal health. This essential digital tool helps you make data-driven decisions without any of the fuss. It's no wonder, then, that farmers use it to feed 5 million cows every single day.