RFID Cattle Tags
Easier Management For Your Dairy Operation
Managing a dairy farm is not an easy task but it can be simplified with RFID. Radio Frequency Identification tags have revolutionized the Dairy Industry.

What are RFID tags?

Tracking cattle individually is much easier to manage through RFID technology. With RFID tags, dairy workers can scan a cow's ear tag with a handheld RFID reader that sends the tag info via Bluetooth to a handheld device that holds all the data on each individual cow. RFID technology enables easy and efficient farm and animal management. It is the solution for all dairy operations that require solid and simple management protocols.


How it Works

The RFID tag only draws power from the reader during the time that it needs to read the necessary information. This means that you never have to worry about a battery going dead. If applied properly, RFID tags have a high retention rate and incident rate for replacing tags is generally low.


How we glue it all together

RFID tags are only as good as the software behind them and that is where we come in. Managing your dairy using Amelicor software and RFID technology will allow you to:

  • Access an animal's complete record immediately. This improves accuracy as well as protocol compliance. It also provides the tools to perform vet checks, administer shots, record breeding data, and/or perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Pocket DHI-Plus RFID software allows you to schedule treatments cow side and verify that scheduled treatments have been completed. The seamless combination of DHI-plus and RFID technology will even give you audio cues on predetermined tasks that need to be completed with each cow. For example: “Skip, Preg Check, LUT, Need-to-Breed, etc.
  • All the information syncs easily to allow users to take care of cow records anywhere and anytime. We put the power of your data into the hands of your managers who will be able to make critical herd decisions with no hassle.

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