Genomics on the Dairy
Selectively Improving Your Herd
Genomics is the science of tracking genetics to make better decisions. It is transforming dairy operations by helping farmers boost milk production, improve breeding practices, and ultimately be more profitable.

To be successful in the dairy industry, you need to have solid management practices. With that in place, margins are still small, and Genomics helps you increase that margin by making smart decisions based in science. Genomics will help you:

  • Boost production: Genomics offers all the benefits of traditional selective breeding but allows you to make decisions much faster.
  • Improve breeding practices: Genomics helps you identify your best animals and maximize their impact on the herd.
  • Cut costs: Genomics allows you to focus your feed and your money on the best cows in your herd—the ones who produce more milk and ultimately make your operation more profitable.
  • Expand business: Genomics opens the doors to new kinds of business - so you can make every part of your business profitable.

Amelicor’s Records Processing Service has always provided you with access to valuable pedigree information. Pedigree and production information is sent to the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding that uses records from dairies from all over the country for use in genetic evaluations. With this type of information, herdsmen have the ability to predict the production value of a specific cow. However, even though the prediction is based on generations of data, it still takes years to prove those predictions.

Genomics allows you to make decisions before you have even fed the animal. The pedigree information is used in tandem with the genetic information to make decisions that will lead to healthier animals which will make your herd more profitable.

  • Increase the reliability and decrease the time to know if a cow will be high producing
    Because genetic test results come back within weeks, you can make a decision on a calf before it is weaned. The genetic results will help you catch any data inaccuracy with your records and give you the information to know if that cow will be high producing.
  • Capitalize on every pregnancy
    Because of the nature of the dairy business, there is an excess of calves. With decisions and techniques based on genomics, you can capitalize on every pregnancy through business practices such as embryo transfers. For example, rather than a pregnancy that produces a dairy calf with average sale value, you can use a beef embryo to produce a calf with a high sale value. With embryo transfers, you can also take advantage of crossbreeding which normally would be difficult to control and predict from generation to generation.
  • Speedy genetic progress
    Genetic programs are ever changing, and genetic progress will maintain whatever speed you set because you don’t lose what you’ve already done. Genomics can help you identify the cows with the highest genetic potential and then capitalize on that potential. Using business practices such as embryo transfers, you can perpetuate that genetic potential and produce more offspring with your superior animals in a short period of time.
  • Parentage verification
    Having incorrect data is just like having no data at all. Through genomics, you can verify your data and catch mistakes that are the difference between a profitable animal and one that is not. One wonderful side effect of genetic testing is verifying that the dam and sire are in fact what has been recorded. Industry-wide there is about a 25% error rate when recording calves and their parents. By reducing the error rates, your decisions mean more!

The Amelicor Difference

We have been involved in electronic dairy records from the beginning. We give you full access to all your data in a clear, organized way that will enable you to make better decisions for your herd and determine how best to use the power of genomics.

We process records for over 1.5 million animals a month, and new discoveries are made all the time. With the significant amount of genetic information available, we continually expand our database to provide ever-growing feedback to the farm. What that means for you is that you will have access to more and more data as genomics and other technologies unfold in the dairy industry.

Ultimately by using Genomics, Amelicor will help you accelerate the process of improving your herd’s genetic potential—and a cow that has genetic potential will make you more money than a cow that doesn’t.

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