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DHI-Plus Edge: Your Mobile Gateway to DHI-Plus

DHI-Plus Edge delivers a seamless mobile solution for real-time animal management and data synchronization, with or without WiFi.

Seamless Herd Management Anywhere, Anytime with DHI-Plus Edge

Discover the freedom of wireless, on-the-go dairy management with DHI-Plus Edge—a dynamic bridge between your in-field tasks and desktop software, enhanced by cloud-based data management.

Effortlessly access and update your herd’s records on-the-go with a Bluetooth RFID reader. DHI-Plus Edge ensures your vital information is always within reach, directly from your mobile device.

Compatible with your device—available now on Android OS devices and coming soon with on Apple mobile OS. You can choose between using your own device or choose from many rugged options.

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the DHI-Plus Edge interface allows for meticulous record-keeping—from maintaining health treatments and inventories to assisting with vet checks—making every detail count in your daily dairy management.

Cloud integration keeps your data in sync. Any changes are updated to your desktop database with Wi-Fi. And with DHI-Plus Edge, you can continue your work offline, with updates syncing once you're online again.

Edge Computing Mystery

Understanding Edge Computing

Edge computing revolutionizes data handling for dairy farms, particularly where internet service is spotty. By shifting data processing closer to the source, it empowers your mobile device with immediate processing power, reducing delays and enhancing efficiency through local data processing.

What if I'm out in the field and don't have a good internet connection? Can I still access and update my herd's data?

Absolutely. With DHI-Plus Edge, all your essential herd information is stored right on your mobile device, which means you can view and make changes to your records even when your internet connection is spotty. This is really handy when you're out on the farm and need constant access to your data. Plus, as soon as you're back in range of Wi-Fi, all the changes you've made will automatically sync up with the cloud and your desktop database.

How does DHI-Plus Edge keep track of updates when we're using multiple devices around the farm?

Edge computing makes sure nothing slips through the cracks, no matter how many devices you use. When you're in the office, the central DHI-Plus desktop system collects all the updates from the cloud. It then sends the latest info back up, so your mobile devices can sync as soon as they connect to the internet. This means every bit of data is up-to-date across all devices, keeping your farm's operations smooth and coordinated.

How's DHI-Plus Edge going to change things up for my dairy farm?

DHI-Plus Edge isn’t just an improvement—it's a transformation, designed to meet the specific challenges faced by today's dairy industry. It’s about ensuring that your dairy operation stays ahead of the curve, with technology that is not only easy to use, but is as advanced as it is practical.

Practical Applications for Animal Management

DHI-Plus Edge contains a suite of practical tools designed to make managing your herd simpler and smarter. Here’s a look at how these tools bring real benefits to your farm.

Animal Identification

RFID Animal Management

DHI-Plus Edge harnesses RFID technology to speed up cow ID lookup in the field – which is a huge advantage. A quick scan of an animal's RFID tag using a Bluetooth-connected reader brings up the animal's complete record on your device. This instant access is invaluable for:

  • Instantly confirming identification and tracking pen changes.

  • Rapidly checking and updating health status, breeding information, and more.

  • Streamlining herd checks, ensuring no animal is missed during routine operations.

Animal Records

Fast Updates to Animal Records

DHI-Plus Edge simplifies updating your animal records. In just a few taps, you can quickly add or change details in the field. This means:

  • You can ditch the paper and the headache of deciphering notes later. Enter or update information instantly, right on your device.

  • Looking up an animal’s history and records is easy and immediate, which is essential for informed decision-making on the spot.

  • The user-friendly interface reduces the learning curve associated with new software, allowing you to concentrate on caring for your herd.

Focus on Priorities

Tasks and Reporting

The DHI-Plus Edge Task Engine and the powerful reporting functions of the DHI-Plus desktop software create a seamless interaction. This integration equips you to:

  • Generate task lists directly from latest desktop reports, ensuring that fieldwork is always guided by the latest data insights.

  • Keep organized and focused on the day's priorities, with all necessary information available on one screen.

  • The user-friendly interfaces will reduce the learning curve of new software so you can focus on taking care of your herd.

FDA Compliance

Recording Drug Treatments

With DHI-Plus Edge, managing drug treatments becomes efficient and regulation-compliant. The system offers:

  • Automated updates to milk and meat withholding periods after treatment entries, helping you adhere to compliance requirements.

  • Treatment macros which help you quickly apply a set of actions to an animal's record, reducing the time spent on data entry and increasing accuracy.

  • Clear record logs for auditing and traceability, essential for food safety and quality assurance.


Key Features and Advantages

User Experience Enhancements

Enhanced Display and Easy Data Entry

The large displays on modern smart phones present animal data clearly, simplifying data entry and enabling additional features.

Personalized Settings

Users can tailor their experience, from language selection to post-scan feedback, while admins control permissions and farm-specific app settings.

Sync Across Devices

Manage and track updates from various devices with Wi-Fi. Offline? The system will sync as soon as you reconnect.

Precision and Efficiency in Herd Management

RFID Quick Scan

Pair a Bluetooth RFID reader to instantly pull up and edit records on your mobile device.

Multitask with Ease

Manage multiple tasks at the same time from inventory to vet checks with the powerful Task Engine integrated with DHI-Plus desktop reports.

Offline Access

Access and update animal records anytime, anywhere–no internet needed.

Simplified Drug Recording

You get access to the DHI-Plus Rx Tools to quickly record drug treatment protocols.

Fast Data Input

Scan tags and update records in the field, keeping farm data consistently current without extra paperwork.

Food Safety Compliance

Track medication withholding periods instantly, upholding food safety standards effortlessly.

Ready to Install DHI-Plus Edge?

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