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Do You Have Goats?

DHI-Plus can help you track everything!

If you’ve joined DHIA, set up your milk test, and are processing your dairy records… the next step is to track your production and management. Tracking has many benefits that we can help you understand.


Special Small Herd Pricing

If you have fewer than 50 goats we can offer you special pricing. Just because you have a small herd doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of tracking and reviewing the details of your operation!

  • Flat setup fee
  • Low cost fixed monthly pricing
  • Full software functionality

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Track Everything

By this point, you’ve realized the need to track your milk production over time. But perhaps you also want to keep track of other data that isn’t specifically part of the milk test such as pregnancy records, vaccinations, and health events.

DHI-Plus is our herd management software. It will help you track management and health events for your whole herd. Even though your herd is growing, you will still be able to focus on the individual goats that need attention.

Always Accurate Now

Unlike paper reports, when you generate the DHI-Plus report, the data is always up to date with the date on the computer.

Track Health Events

Track SCC over time so you can see patterns that may help you catch disease early. You can also run production reports based on health changes.

You're In Control

You are the one adding the data so you are in control - no third party has to transcribe it. Plus, you can make changes which saves time.

Fast Turnaround Times

You don’t have the same delays as paper reports… the records are updated in DHI-Plus upon your next transmission.

Herd Summary

Compare your production information to the rest of the nation to understand your baseline production.

Protein and Butterfat

See how feed changes affect protein and butterfat over time to increase the quality of milk and cheese.

Get started with electronic records.

Send us a message to let us know you want to start using DHI-Plus. We can get back to you with the special pricing.