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Amelicor Welcomes New Talent to Their Software Development Team

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Amelicor, a leader in dairy management software solutions, is excited to announce the addition of a new Software Developer to their innovative team, Justin Spurlock, a recent graduate from Neumont College of Computer Science.

With the fresh ideas and energy of a newly graduated mind, Spurlock is already bringing a new perspective to the Amelicor family. Despite admitting to having no previous knowledge in the dairy industry, he's found a surprising passion for his new role. "The most surprising thing about my job is how great this place is to work. I've never enjoyed a job as much as I am right now at Amelicor," said Spurlock.

His background in computer science has prepared him to take on the challenges at Amelicor, where innovation is at the forefront of their mission. The education and experience gained at Neumont College have been instrumental in shaping his approach to software development. This background aligns with Amelicor's commitment to fostering a supportive and dynamic work environment where talents can thrive and innovate.

Outside of work, Spurlock enjoys the simple pleasures of life such as playing video games, going out for snacks, and settling down for a movie night with friends. And for those looking to express their gratitude for his hard work, he shares, "I love having something to drink at all times – water, tea, whatever it may be. It’s not really a treat per se, but it feels like one to me!"

Amelicor is delighted to have Justin Spurlock on board, bringing his zest for life and programming to the team. As the company continues to grow and shape the future of dairy farm management, it's clear that new talents like Spurlock will be at the heart of their success.

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