DHI-Plus Mobile

Question about a cow? Simply pull out your phone.
DHI-Plus Mobile allows you to access your cow and heifer records anytime and anywhere. Answer current questions like:
  • How many cows calved during the past seven days?
  • How much milk was produced?
  • How many heifers will be calving over the next six months?
  • Which cows are due to dry-off or calve and when?

Would you turn down a free offer to try out DHI-Plus Mobile?

Use DHI-Plus Mobile service for no cost, with no obligations for 30 days.

To get started, download and sign the DHI-Plus Mobile Authorization form and call 1-800-453-9400 ext. 6704.

After signing the form, you can fax it to (801) 374-5316. Alternately, you can take a picture upload the form below: